Brexit and the Commonwealth

Secretary-General: We will help countries recover from the shock of Brexit

The Commonwealth will help its members recover from shock and adjust to the UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union, Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland told Sky News today. “It’s been a very difficult time, I think most of the Commonwealth leaders and others, from what I’ve picked up, were rather hoping that the United […]

Commonwealth to be ‘honest broker’ as member states move from ‘shock to solutions’ after UK vote to leave the EU

Our specialist trade policy support ‘invaluable’ in Post-Brexit landscape, says Secretary-General Scotland We are ready to support countries through tough post-Brexit trade negotiations, Secretary-General Patricia Scotland will tell Commonwealth finance ministers this week. The Secretary-General will meet ministers during the annual Commonwealth Central Bank Governors and Finance Ministers Meetings in Washington on 5th and 6th […]

Jury out on Brexit but calls for greater cooperation to undo de-risking

Central bank governors have been hearing about the risks Brexit and de-risking poses for Commonwealth countries. They were told that the jury was still out on how Britain’s exit from the European Union would affect trade, remittances, aid and investment in the Commonwealth. Commonwealth governors welcomed G20 efforts to co-ordinate monetary and fiscal policies to […]

Trade opportunities for Commonwealth post-Brexit

Commonwealth countries can do much more to expand trade links with the UK, post-Brexit. That’s the conclusion of trade experts at the Commonwealth Secretariat writing a new set of policy briefings on life after Britain’s decision to pull out of the European Union. At its peak in 2012, UK-Commonwealth Trade accounted for US$120 billion. Last […]